Can You Get Compensated For Bodily Harm Suffered At An Office Work Party? Find Out

Company parties can be a good way of celebrating workers' achievements. Besides, they are a great platform for workers to bond and improve working relationships. Unfortunately, some unexpected incidents happen during these events, leading to injuries among the attendees. In such a scenario, you have a right to seek compensation from your employer's insurer. However, pursuing such compensation can be challenging. For instance, your employer can reject your application by claiming that your reckless behavior caused the accident. With such objections, hiring a workers' comp lawyer is crucial. A work injury attorney will be of great assistance in accidents involving the following situations. 

The Party Was Mandatory

If an employer invites all their employees to an office work party, they should take responsibility for any eventualities. Since the event happened during your employment, the company should compensate you for any unfortunate incident. In such a case, your lawyer will argue that you couldn't have suffered harm had you not attended the party. Therefore, they will seek compensation from your company's insurance agency to cover all your losses. 

The Party Happened During Normal Business Hours

Most times, employers fail to compensate workers injured during events that run beyond normal working hours. In that regard, they may argue that the victim continued to make merry after the time allocated for the event expired. If your employer raises such an argument, your work injury lawyer must provide evidence to counter it. For instance, they will prove that you got hurt during working hours, and hence the company should take full responsibility for your injuries. 

The Company Benefited From the Party

If your employer benefitted from the party, workers' comp benefits should apply to your injuries. Again, your attorney will obtain evidence to prove this. That includes surveillance footage showing you and other employees interacting with the party's clients. In addition, they might ask your colleagues to testify about the sale of products or services during the party. Again, this will prove that your employer should compensate you for your losses. 

If your employer or insurer hesitates to compensate you for injuries suffered in an office worker's party, enlist the help of a work-related injury attorney. Your lawyer will investigate the circumstances that led to the incident and get evidence to prove negligence. Additionally, they will represent you during settlement negotiations to ensure you get a payment covering all your losses.

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