When Your Damages Exceed The Driver's Coverage

Most auto insurance policies cover a victim's damages. The policies may provide several hundred thousand dollars in coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and more. However, a major accident that results in serious and permanent injuries for the victim could call for taking more action in order to be paid what is deserved. Find out what can be done by reading below.

Extra Damages with Serious Accidents

Permanent injuries call for more compensation than usual. If the accident leaves the victim permanently disabled, they may never be able to work at a job again. The pain and suffering component may also be extremely high when a victim is badly hurt. The effects of such a catastrophic injury can carry over to the loved ones of the victim, too. What can be done when a victim's damages greatly exceed the policy limits of the at-fault driver?

Taking Action Against the Driver

Once insurance coverage has been exhausted, victims may seek money damages from the driver personally. Some drivers are wealthy, but not everyone has the cash to cover the level of compensation required by such a serious accident.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer about the accident. They will explore ways to get you more compensation by addressing the driver's assets. To learn more about the assets of the driver, your lawyer will employ a detective and/or a forensic accountant. The driver's financial records can be subpoenaed using a judge's order to determine the means to pay a court judgment. Some potential avenues of compensation your lawyer could uncover include:

  • The assets of the driver may be seized. Their real estate and other assets may be used to pay a court judgement. During the trial, for example, the home of the driver may have a lien placed upon it. When the judgment is handed down, your lawyer will guide you through the process to take ownership of the home.
  • Savings, retirement, and bank accounts may be frozen pending a court judgement.
  • Wages may be garnished from the driver's employment.
  • Payment plans may be set up for the driver to pay the victim for their losses.

A victim's chances of being paid the total amount of compensation they are owed depends on having a personal injury lawyer who knows how to go after drivers and the assets of the driver. Don't give up just because the insurance is not enough to pay you. You deserve money for what happened to you.

For more information, reach out to a local law firm, such as Adler Law Group, LLC.

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