Where Accident Victims Go Wrong

It's easy to see how mistakes can be made after an accident. After all, being injured in a car wreck can disrupt nearly every aspect of your life. However, if you can avoid making some common mistakes, your compensation may end up being what you truly deserve. Read on and learn how not to make these mistakes after an accident.

You Fail to Attend to Your Injuries – Nothing ruins a personal injury case faster than a lack of medical treatment. See to it that you go to the doctor or emergency room and follow up with any needed treatment on an ongoing basis. This is important because you don't have a case without an injury, and you cannot prove your injury without a doctor's verification.

You Get Too Friendly With the Wrong People – There are times to be outgoing and there are times when you need to keep things to yourself. The only people you should be speaking to after the accident are medical personnel, law enforcement officers, and your lawyer. Don't apologize to the other driver and don't talk about what happened to you on social media either.

You Don't Think You Need a Lawyer – If your injury was severe enough to go to the hospital, you probably need to do more to be compensated than just filing an insurance claim. Insurers, even when they are ready to pay, won't pay you for everything. The idea of taking action is that you want to be paid for all the ways your life has been changed by the accident — not just some of those ways. By not speaking to a lawyer, you could be walking away from major valuable compensation that comes from lost wages, career damage, pain and suffering, and more.

You Sign Something and Regret It – After an accident, the insurer will be eager to have you agree to a settlement. However, these settlements are seldom adequate to meet a victim's needs. Never sign anything unless your lawyer is present, and don't deposit unsolicited checks into your bank account either.

You Put Things Off for Too Long – Things like car accident cases must abide by the statute of limitations. That means that, with few exceptions, your case will be thrown out of court if you wait too long to file. Don't wait any longer than necessary before talking to a personal injury lawyer. They won't allow the time to expire before taking action.

Speak to your personal injury attorney to find out more.

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