The Perks of Relying on the Counsel of a Trucking Accidents Attorney

When you are involved in a wreck with a commercial truck, you may wonder if you have any legal recourse. The costs associated with being in this type of wreck can be significant. Your vehicle might be totaled, and you might suffer from severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment.

Instead of shouldering all of these expenses on your own, you have the right to take legal action against the responsible truck owner. You can start your case by hiring an experienced trucking accident attorney to represent you.

Proving Liability for the Wreck

Your trucking accident attorney will get started right away to find out what caused the wreck that left you with significant damages and who the responsible party is. Your attorney will investigate by securing copies of the police and accident reconstruction reports. Your trucking accidents attorney may also ask for the evidence footage from dashcams taken from other motorists and security cameras that are located in the area where the accident took place.

Using all of this evidence in the case, your trucking accident attorney can establish who is to blame for the wreck and show that you do not have any liability for what happened. He or she can use the facts of the case to build a lawsuit to take to court, compel the insurance company to pay your claims, or work out a settlement with the truck driver and the company for which he or she drives.

Suing for Damages in Court

If the insurer, the driver, or his or her employer fails to pay restitution to you, they can be sued in court. Your trucking accident attorney can file a lawsuit to take to court and present before a judge or jury. He or she will use evidence in the case to convince the court to decide in your favor and award you the damage compensation that you are entitled to as an accident victim.

Your trucking accident attorney can also work out a settlement if any party wants to stay out of court. He or she will ensure your settlement offer compensates you fairly and covers your accident-related expenses.

A trucking accident attorney can be a valuable ally to retain after a serious wreck with a commercial truck. He or she will investigate what happened and divert the blame away from you. Your trucking accident attorney can also file a lawsuit to take to court or work out a settlement.

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