Why Do You Need A Lawyer After Your DUI?

A few reckless decisions may have landed you behind the steering wheel after a night of drinks, and in this scenario, you can be arrested for DUI. However, you should not let past mistakes stop you from being smart with your defense. You might not know whether you should get representation, but a DUI accident attorney can help. How?

A Lawyer Can Question Your Arrest

Without knowing much about how law enforcement works, you might simply admit that a police officer stopped you and determined you were too drunk to drive. However, an attorney who specializes in DUI cases knows the details that could question the arrest's validity. The officer had to have a legitimate reason to stop your car in the first place; a lawyer will do some research to find out if they did. If an officer stopped you without a good reason, that could sow doubt about their motives. 

A lawyer can also place doubt on the veracity of a breathalyzer test. They can get police department records to find out if the device had been recently calibrated and cleaned; if not, the lawyer can implore the court to question whether the results of your test are right. There are several other options that a DUI lawyer can use to question whether the arrest and officer findings should be believed.

A Lawyer Can Question Your Sentence

Different states have varying sentences for DUI offenses. Your lawyer will know both the minimum and maximum limits are. They will also have much more information than you do about recent DUI cases in the area. They may be able to compare your situation with others and convince a judge that your actions don't deserve the maximum sentence. If you're someone who has dealt with multiple problems or DUI arrests before, having an attorney willing to be an advocate for you could be especially important if you want to stay away from jail or prison.

Professional support is vital when you're going to court because of a DUI arrest. An attorney discussion can be just what you need to be more hopeful about your chances in court so that you can get through this situation and rebuild your life in a healthy way. For more information about how a DUI accident attorney can help you in the case of an arrest and court case, contact a local law firm or accident attorney.

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