The Role That Personal Injury Lawyers Play In The Justice System

Many people assume that personal injury attorneys only work to get money for their clients. People dismiss them as nothing more than those who file lawsuits against private property owners and businesses. However, personal injury lawyers actually fulfill a more important role in the overall justice system on behalf of their clients. You can decide whether you should retain a personal injury lawyer by knowing what vital legal services they provide.

Diverting Legal and Criminal Blame

Personal injury lawyers help their clients accept wrongful civil and criminal blame for accidents. When people are involved in a serious accident, such as a car wreck or on-the-job injury accident, they find themselves putting up their own words against those of the property or business owner. They may find themselves outwitted and outmanned in the courtroom.

Instead of receding and accepting responsibility out of fear or guilt, however, accident victims can fight back by hiring personal injury lawyers to represent them. Their personal injury attorneys can prove what happened in an accident and argue that their clients bear no responsibility for their own injuries. These attorneys can divert the blame and criminal negligence, if applicable, on the rightful party.

Filing Criminal Charges

In some cases, personal injury lawyers facilitate the filing of criminal charges against people who caused injury accidents. For example, if a motorist was drunk and caused an accident that left an attorney's client paralyzed, that lawyer can make sure that criminal charges are filed and that the motorist is found criminally negligent. They will also ensure civilly liable for what happened to the victim.

Likewise, if a pet owner allowed or encouraged their dog to attack a passerby, the victim's attorney can have the city or county file criminal charges against the dog's owner. The owner can be found criminally liable and financially responsible for the damages that the victim incurred.

In addition, personal injury lawyers ensure that insurance companies pay out claims in a timely manner. They act as intermediaries between victims and insurers and spare accident victims from having to advocate for themselves to adjusters and insurance agents.

Personal injury lawyers fulfill critical roles in the justice system. Firstly, they divert blame onto the rightful parties that cause accidents. In addition, they are also able to file criminal charges and act as intermediaries between insurance companies and accident victims. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information about this process.

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