The Crucial Legal Services That Drunk Driving Attorneys Can Provide

A drunk driving conviction can lead to devastating consequences on your personal and professional life. It can ruin your good driving record. It can also cause you to lose your job if you drive commercial vehicles for a living. 

Instead of jeopardizing your livelihood and reputation, you can fight the charges by hiring a lawyer to defend you. You can take advantage of the services that drunk driving attorneys can provide to people in your legal situation. 

Questioning the Field Sobriety Test Results

The officer that arrested you may have made serious mistakes when administering your field sobriety test. They may have not explained what to do clearly and caused you to make a mistake. Likewise, the officer may have caused you to stumble by impeding your path or interrupted you when you were reciting the alphabet. 

When you hire one of the drunk driving attorneys to represent you, you can call into question the results of this test. Your lawyer can argue to the judge that the test was not administered correctly. They can also show evidence that the arresting officer caused you to make errors that could have caused you to fail the test.

Scrutinizing Your Sample

Your lawyer may also be able to have your blood or urine sample retested at another laboratory. The law enforcement lab may not have carried out the blood alcohol content test correctly. It may have caused the BAC level to be read at a much higher level when, in fact, your sample actually has less alcohol in it than stated in the results.

Drunk driving attorneys can send out samples for retesting and make sure that clients' BAC levels are accurate. Your own lawyer may be able to show that you had less alcohol in your system at the time of your arrest than what the police lab initially showed.

Finally, you can rely on drunk driving attorneys to bargain down charges to get clients out of their cases with lesser punishments. For example, your own lawyer may be able to argue that you have an otherwise clean driving record and do not deserve jail time or expensive fines. You may get a sentence of probation or community service.

Drunk driving attorneys help clients fight DUIs. You may call into question the results of your sobriety tests and have your sample retested. You also may get a lighter sentence. 

For more information, contact a drunk driving attorney today.

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