The Most Common Products That Lead To Injury Claims

If you are injured by a manufactured product, the law gives you the right to hold the manufacturer responsible for all the expenses caused by your injury, like medical bills and lost wages. It may be that the product was designed poorly, or an oversight during the manufacturing process could have produced a defective batch, resulting in consumer injuries and subsequent lawsuits. The following products are the most common sources of defect lawsuits.

Auto Parts

Car manufacturers regularly issue recalls for defective auto parts. Typically, manufacturers will become aware of a defective seat belt, steering wheel, or another component when multiple car accidents are caused by the part or injuries are worsened by the part working incorrectly during a crash. The manufacturer of the component or vehicle will then issue a recall to warn consumers and prevent further injuries. The most notorious example in recent years is the Takata airbag, which had the potential to explode when being deployed and required recalling more than 40 million vehicles to replace the faulty airbag. If you suffered injuries due to a defective car or truck component, a product claim attorney may help you document the evidence and file a claim for compensation from the manufacturer.

Medical Devices

Another very common source of defective product claims is medical devices. This includes everything from crutches and wheelchairs to hip replacements and other bodily implants. Some of these devices are used in medical procedures before they can be fully tested and vetted, and patients may suffer injuries years later. One notable case of a defective medical device involves a recall of IVC filters, which are designed to be implanted in blood veins to prevent clots from reaching the lungs or heart. Months and even years after receiving the device, some patients experienced pain due to devices migrating in their bodies because of a poor design. If a defective medical device caused you harm instead of helping heal you, you may want help from a product defect claim attorney.

Children's Products

A defective children's toy may have issues with the design or the manufacturing process. Small parts may easily break off and be swallowed, or the toy could be made with paint or material that is hazardous to a child's health. Other items, such as baby furniture, are included in this category. If your child was injured by a defective toy or another product, it may be possible that other parents have experienced the same issue. You might want to ask your attorney about existing lawsuits against the product's manufacturer to add strength to your claim that the product is dangerous and caused injury due to a design flaw.

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