Why Was Your Workers Comp Claim Denied?

If you are dealing with a workplace injury, you already have so much on your plate. Not only do you have physical injuries and stress to deal with, but you might also find that you have financial strain as well. You are faced with a lot of questions. How will you pay your rent if you can't work, for instance?

You may have looked for the solution in workers compensation, but you may have been denied. What now? This is what you need to know.

Sometimes Claims Are Denied for Minor Reasons

Your workers comp claim could have been denied for no reason at all. These are a few of the small reasons why your claim could have been denied:

  • Paperwork errors
  • Filing delays
  • Lack of evidence or documentation

The good news is that these are minor issues that you can clear up. You may be able to resubmit your claim in certain circumstances, and you may be able to resolve the matter quite quickly. Unfortunately, there are situations in which things can be much more complex.

Workers Compensation Insurance Lawyers May Deny Your Case for Other Reasons

The lawyers for workers comp insurance companies may deny your case for a few reasons. These are just a few:

  • They believe you are still able to work.
  • They believe you were drinking or driving on the job.
  • They believe your injuries are very minor.
  • They believe your injuries were not related to a work-related incident.

Unfortunately, these issues are a bit more serious, and they could indicate that you need to get serious about pursuing your claim. You may need to file an appeal and get the documentation together that will prove your claim is accurate.

You Should Work With a Workers Comp Attorney

Even though you may not be required to work with a workers comp attorney, it is always smart to do so. These matters can be quite complex and difficult to understand, so it makes sense that you want somebody on your side who can find evidence for your claim.

Workers Compensation Attorneys Fight for You

If you have had your workers compensation claim denied, you are not alone. Many people have been denied for small, petty reasons. No matter why your claim was denied, you should speak with a workers compensation lawyer who understands the process and can provide you with additional information to strengthen your claim.

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