Why Pain And Suffering Must Be Taken Seriously

When you are injured in a car accident, you might simply want your medical bills taken care of and you may wish to receive compensation for lost wages. Then, you will be able to continue to live in your previous standard of living. However, receiving compensation for pain and suffering is also very important for a variety of reasons.

The Other Party Was Negligent

You did not deserve to become injured as a result of an accident. Therefore, you may wish for compensation for your injuries. Compensation for pain and suffering can also serve as a buffer that helps you ensure that you are not short on money. This is because you may find that you have expenses that are greater than what you received as a settlement. However, if you also received compensation for pain and suffering, you would have extra money on top of the compensation you receive for current and projected future expenses.

Pain and Suffering is Difficult to Quantify

Even if you suffer the exact same injury as someone else, your situation is always going to be unique. The impact that the injury caused by the car accident has on you and your ability to live your life will be distinct. For example, if you were a star athlete at your school and you are no longer able to pursue your dreams of becoming a professional athlete due to your accident, this unique form of suffering should be accounted for.

The Settlement

While your injuries will be unique, the insurance provider of the other driver may try to look at your injuries in the same way as any other party and might try to offer you the lowest settlement possible. For this reason, you will need to work closely with a personal injury attorney to quantify the number of damages that you have suffered. 

A personal injury lawyer can help you calculate how much you have suffered as a result of your injuries. However, the amount of pain and suffering that your accident is worth will depend on what the insurance provider is willing to agree to. Therefore, you may negotiate your settlement down to a lower amount if you are still satisfied with the settlement. 

The settlement you will ultimately receive will be based on the insurance provider, the evidence that you have gathered, and how effectively your personal injury attorney has presented it. Contact a personal injury attorney for more information.

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