Don't Wreck Your Personal Injury Case After A Car Accident With These Mistakes

If you just wrecked your vehicle but it was not your fault, don't hurt your chances of a successful personal injury case by making a dumb mistake in the aftermath of the accident. Yes, it's true that the first moments after a car accident can leave you feeling out of sorts, but it's important to keep your head on straight and stay focused if you want to preserve your chances of receiving the right verdict or a settlement when all is said and done. To that end, here are some of the mistakes you should avoid if you want to start your legal case off on the best footing possible.

Apologizing At The Scene

It's human nature after a car accident to want to apologize. You might say you are sorry the other person got hurt, for example, even though you know that the accident itself was not your fault. But apologizing in any way, shape or form could actually come back to haunt you in court. Any kind of apology could be seen by the legal system as an admission of guilt. Don't give the other side free ammunition against you before your case or negotiation even begins.

Failing To Notify The Police

Never leave the scene of an accident without at least making a phone call to the police to get it on record. The other party involved in the wreck might say one thing at the scene but then change their story entirely once the insurance companies or a courtroom becomes involved. By getting a police report filed, you can get a written account from an official authority on the record, and that will make it much harder for the other side to change their tune later on.

Failing To Get Medical Attention Quickly

If you are at all injured, you need to get medical attention. Failing to get medical attention could seriously hurt your chances in a personal injury case, even if you do eventually get attention after a delay. By not getting help immediately, you are sending a signal that the injury must not be that bad which may inhibit your case in court.

Not Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

For the best results, hire a car wreck lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. He or she can talk to the insurance companies and any other involved parties for you and then formulate a strategy for success while allowing you to focus on treatment and keeping your head down.

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