Types Of Expert Witnesses Who Will Help With Your Auto Accident

When you're having an intense battle with another motorist over who is responsible for a car crash, your case will be a matter of your word against his. Fortunately, if the other motorist was truly at fault for the accident, there are several expert witnesses who can assist you in your case. Here are some of the expert witnesses your auto accident lawyer might use to make a case.

Accident Reconstructionist

The most common type of expert witness would be an auto accident reconstructionist. This individual looks at the evidence at the scene of the accident and examines photographs, police reports, eyewitness testimony, and electronic data to determine how the accident occurred. The police officer who arrives at the scene initially may attempt to understand what occurred during the accident but can't always make a determination.

During a court case, the accident reconstructionist may create a video that will help show how the accident occurred so that you may then convince the jury of your version of the events.


Often, a car accident results from a defect either in your vehicle or in a traffic light indicator, bridge, or anything else that might contribute to your accident. Therefore, you'll need an engineer who can explain the defect and how negligence leads to your accident.

Phone Record Specialists

Often, car accidents result from distracted driving. If the other driver was on their cell phone at the time of the accident, a phone records specialist can reveal this. Fortunately, auto accident attorneys usually know a phone record specialist who can assist in your case.

Medical Experts

If your accident resulted in an injury, you may need help from a medical expert. This professional will report on your injuries and give a prognosis. After being in an accident, you must not only consider your current medical bills but also future medical expenses. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to pay for your medical bills in the future.

Personal Finance

If you become permanently disabled, you may be unable to work. A personal finance expert witness will explain how much money you would lose as a result of being unable to work. Then, the expert can help determine what sort of settlement would pay for all future expenses.

Proving negligence is essential because you can only receive compensation for your accident if the other party was at fault. In some cases, an accident is beyond anyone's control and nobody is at fault. However, if the other party was negligent, you deserve compensation for your accident.

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