Dealing With Pedestrian Personal Injury Accidents

No matter how pedestrian-friendly you believe your community to be, there is always the chance that something bad could happen in your area. The risks are present, especially for pedestrians who have little to no protection against vehicles that could hit them.

For this reason, pedestrian accidents can be devastating. The financial, physical, and emotional costs can be devastating, and you might turn to a professional for additional help dealing with the financial losses.

Are you thinking about holding a negligent driver responsible? This is what you need to know.

Some Drivers Are Negligent

While most drivers are safe and responsible behind the wheel, some are negligent. They may not be looking at the road ahead, they might be speeding, or they might be under the influence.

Many pedestrian accidents occur in parking lots or near places like gas stations. Shopping areas are frequently the sites of such injuries. There are often many people walking around in the parking lots and side streets, and sometimes a car backing out of a space might hit a pedestrian.

Crosswalks are common locations for pedestrian accidents too. Pedestrians have been hit even while walking in accordance with the light guiding them.

Bicycles are also sometimes involved in pedestrian injuries. Bicyclists who do not abide by the rules of the road can hit and injure pedestrians who are in the right.

Negligent Drivers Must Be Held Responsible

Accidents are expensive. Not only do you have your current injuries and bills to worry about, but you must also contend with the fact that you might have future injuries and treatment as well. Costs may come from injuries like cuts, internal bleeding, broken bones, fractures, burns, and spinal injuries.

On top of everything else, you likely also have to deal with lost income while you recover from your injuries. These lost wages can make life even more difficult to manage as you recover and cope with the emotional issues that may arise.

Do You Need an Attorney?

You should hire a personal injury lawyer after being involved in a pedestrian accident. Personal injury attorneys often deal with these incidents, and you have the ability to fight back. Your attorney has your back and represents you in court, even if the defendant has lawyers of their own.

Consult with a personal injury attorney today to discuss your options for the future and to fight to be seen in court.

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