Sandwiched Between Two Trucks: Who Do You Sue?

There are just some situations that happen on the road that are too strange for real life. One of those situations has happened more than once, but it is a bizarre set of circumstances that can leave the victims wondering what to do next. This situation in particular is being sandwiched between two commercial vehicles and then finding yourself in a horrible accident. If you survive this bizarre accident, you should consult commercial vehicle wreck attorneys, but do not be too surprised by what is going to happen next. 

Which Truck Hit You First?

This weird accident will still ask the question of who did what first. Did the truck on your right push over into your lane and push you into the truck on your left, or was it the truck on the left that pushed you toward the right? The general assumption here is that one truck was responsible for the chaos that ensued, rather than both trucks being responsible. If you cannot remember, and the police cannot determine which truck was more at fault, you and your lawyer might have to come at this in a different way. 

What Were the Road Conditions?

Were the roads bad enough that it is easily believable that both trucks slid at the same time and crushed your vehicle between them? This has to be examined thoroughly so that your lawyer can figure out who to sue. If one driver was fine and minding his/her own lane, and the other driver slid on the road or became inattentive, you do not want to sue both drivers; just the one that is most at fault. 

Suing Both Drivers

When nothing can be definitively answered or definitively determined, you may have to sue both drivers. In three lanes of traffic, with everyone in their own lane, no one should be crossing the lane lines without looking and signaling. That is why your accident is particularly strange, because both of the drivers on either side of you should have seen you before moving. Suing both drivers will help details of the accident come to light, and possibly sort out who should be paying your medical bills and providing you with a new vehicle. 

Making Sure Nothing Was Your Fault

This is a tough situation, but you always have to come to court "with clean hands." Looking at the mountain of evidence and reports, your lawyer will make sure that the accident was not a result of inattentive driving on your part. Ruling that out is important to your case going forward. 

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