Do You Have A Viable Case For Your Dog Bite Injury?

Were you recently bit by a dog that was not your own and now you are not sure what to do about it? You likely have injuries and medical bills that need to be paid for, and it is not right for you to pay for them out of your own pocket. Here is how you can determine if you have a viable personal injury care for your dog bite.

Was There A Clear Injury?

Don't assume that a small nip by a dog can result in a lawsuit that gets you millions of dollars. There must be some sort of injury that results in medical bills and damages. If you were sent to the emergency room and needed to get stitches, it is likely that you have a viable injury case on your hands.

Was The Dog Secured?

One way that you can have a clear case for a dog bite injury lawsuit is if the dog that bit you was not secured. This is common if you are at a dog park and the dog is running around freely. In this situation, it is the owner's responsibility to make sure that their dog is well behaved enough so that they can be trusted without a leash. Another situation may be if you enter a home or business with a dog that is not secured. Once again, the owner must know if their dog can behave around other people to allow the dog to roam freely.

Were You Trespassing?

One instance where it doesn't matter if the dog was secured is if you were trespassing. For example, if you hopped over a fence to go onto a neighbor's property and were bitten by the dog that was secured in their backyard. Or if you broke into a business where there were guard dogs being used to protect the business.

Was The Dog Provoked?

You should ask yourself if you provoked the dog in any way that would have caused the dog bite. For example, if the dog was behind a chain-link fence and you put your hand through the fence, this action may be considered as you provoking the dog. If you were hitting the dog or being violent towards them in any way first, a bite in retaliation could be considered provocation. 

Reach out to a lawyer if you have questions about the viability of your dog bite case, or call a firm like The Lombardo Law Firm.

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