Hiring An Attorney After A Slip And Fall: Why Is It In The Best Interest Of The Victim?

When a person slips and falls to the ground, they can end up with a lot of serious injuries. Not everyone will experience the same injuries, but certain injuries commonly occur during these types of accidents, including broken limbs and concussions. When an individual slips and becomes seriously injured due to negligence, the individual has the right to file a lawsuit with an attorney's assistance.

Why Would an Attorney Be Necessary?

An attorney is often needed when a person slips and sustains injuries that are more severe than just a few bruises and scratches. A slip can occur when an individual is unaware of hazardous conditions that are in front of them, such as a floor that is wet or an uneven sidewalk. When these issues are present, people can trip and get seriously hurt. Some injuries can lead to lifelong discomfort and physical impairments for people. Injuries endured when a person slips may include:

  • Damage to the knee. If the knee is twisted during a fall, it can cause severe pain and lead to tears. It may be necessary for an individual to have surgery performed.
  • Injury to the brain. If an individual hits their head during the fall, they can sustain a major injury to the brain. Injuries to the brain can cause a person to suffer from chronic headaches, dizziness, and confusion.
  • Injury to the spinal cord. Landing too hard on the spine could lead to spinal cord injuries that temporarily paralyze an individual or causes them to experience chronic pain.

The injuries that a person will endure when they slip will depend on how the person lands and where they land on the ground. Some people will use their arms to break the fall, causing damage to the arms and wrist instead of other parts of the body. No matter how an individual lands, if they are injured and going through a lot of physical pain, they should talk to an attorney.

What Happens After Consulting with the Attorney?

The consultation between the injured person and the attorney is crucial because that is where the attorney will learn more about the events that led to the victim's injuries. The victim could explain what caused them to slip and sustain different injuries, such as a wet floor at a restaurant or an uneven sidewalk outside of a building. Once the details are discussed, the attorney can move forward with filing a claim against anyone who was negligent because they failed to handle the hazardous conditions that caused the victim to get hurt.

When a victim falls because of hazardous conditions and they are injured from that fall, holding a negligent party responsible for the hazardous conditions is important. An injured victim should contact an attorney that takes on slip and fall cases.

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